PriPrefect is an innovative platform which unites and empower every stake holder that is School Administration, Teachers, Parents and Super Admin with varied value-added services and intelligent analytics system.

The Pri-Prefect Offers
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Parent's App
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Teacher's App
Our New Features
Desktop QR login
The Main functionality of this module is to access Digital Learning & Teacher’s Lesson on Web. Just by scanning a QR code
Make productive use of your child's leisure time. For this access skillofun platform to enhance you Ward's learning
Multi School
Multi Switch functionality enables parents to view their ward’s profile just by selecting the respective school options. Also, parents can select any one of them as a primary options by clicking on the checkbox.
Teachers Lesson
The purpose of this module is to create lectures, that demonstrate the basic and advance learning for students depending on different scenarios.
My Subscription
The main functionality of this module is that users can choose and purchase the plan as per their requirements. with this, they can get access of many other services on the Priprefect App.
Single Sign_In
The exclusive function of this module is that at a time a single user will be able to login in using a single device only. If any user chooses to continue then he or she will be logged out from the previous device automatically.
Two way Real time Message communication
This module provides a real time messaging channel where users can have an interactive chat experience.
Online Homework Assigning, Submission & Remarks
This module enables parents to view the homework that is assigned to their ward. It also helps the parents to submit the assignment on behalf of their ward and get remarks on the same.
Digital Learning
A product that caters to individual learning paths. It will help you to fill in the gap in students’ process. An individual approach to select appropriate material for the learning of each student.

PriAcademy app provides ease to teachers to carry out their daily activities to manage their class and other school-related tasks digitally. It helps teachers with classroom management by keeping track of student’s attendance, grades, assignments, leaves, timetable, and various other activities all on their mobile devices.

PriCampus aims to provide an Automated School Attendance System which notifies the parents whenever their child enters or exits the school, the system is based on RFID technology, and operates in wireless mode.

Talented People

We are a team of passionate and energetic people, focussed on bringing all stakeholders, responsible for academic and overall growth of children together through innovative use of technology.

Get All you need is a visionary decision, We will do the rest. We work like true partners in your journey to implement Prefect and have widespread adoption by parents and stakeholders.
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Q) How to install PriPrefect app on your mobile phones?
A) PriPrefect app is available on Play Store as well as Apple store, you can download it on Android or Apple phones from the respective stores.
Q) How do I register my mobile number to access PriPrefect app?
A) You need to contact the school administration to register your number. Once your number is registered with the school you will be able to login into the PriPrefect app.
Q) How to login in PriPrefect App?
A) Enter your registered mobile number in the app; now verify your mobile number using the 4-digit OTP.
Q) Will I be notified on my Child’s Attendance?
A) Yes, as soon as your Child enter or leave the school you will receive a real-time notification along with his IN/OUT time.
Q) How do I check my Child’s Attendance History?
A) You can check your Child’s attendance history by tapping on tapping on the attendance tab on the bottom navigation menu.
Q) How do I get access to my Child’s Home Work?
A) You will receive notification, when the teacher shares the homework. You can check the Home Work later on by tapping on the Active HomeWork tab on the dashboard.
Q) Will I be able to apply leaves through the PriPrefect app?
A) Yes, you can apply for the leaves through the PriPrefect app by following below given steps: Tap on More from the bottom navigation tab Tap on Manage Leaves Select Child for whom you want to apply leave for Tap on Apply Leaves, select the dates and reason Then Tap on Notify Teacher Button
Q) Will I be Able to submit School Fee from the PriPrefect app?
A) Yes, you can submit your Child’s School Fee through the MyPrefect app. You will be notified about you Child’s Upcoming Fees as well.
Q) Will I be able to keep track of my Child’s Transport?
A) Yes, once your child board the school bus, you will be to track the bus with the help of PriPrefect app on the real time basis.
Q) What is Event Gallery?
A) In the Event Gallery you will be able to see the photos of the photos of the events conducted at the school like Annual Day, Picnics, and Summer Exhibitions etc.
Q) What if I miss the PTM, will I be able to check my Child’s Exam Results?
A) Yes, now you do not need to worry if you miss the school PTM, you will be able to check your Child’s Progress Report on MyPrefect app once the school uploads it.
Q) Can I share my feedbacks with the school?
A) Yes, you will be able to share your feedbacks and ratings with the school on the various amenities provided by school.
Q) Will I be notified about my Child’s daily activities?
A) Yes, whenever the teacher uploads Children’s class activities you will be notified and you can check your Child’s day to day activities carried out in school.